100 birdhouses launch in Biel-Benken

On March 17th, the birdhouse project was launched in Biel-Benken

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Pressiteade eesti keeles 17.3.2018

The Republic of Estonia turns 100 – and two endangered bird species got 100 new nests 

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe, of approximately the same size as Switzerland. The population of Estonia is 1.3 m and official language is Estonian, a Finno-Ugric language. Around 400 Estonians live currently in Switzerland, and the Swiss Estonian Society has been active here for more than 60 years, preserving and fostering Estonian language and culture far away from homeland. In 2018, it is 100 years since Estonia got independent for the first time. To celebrate this important birthday, the Swiss Estonian Society launched, among other things, a project that aims to protect endangered bird species, symbolizing the protection that all small nations need.

In cooperation with the Swiss nature conservation organization “Birdlife”, two endangered bird species  were selected that need help: The common Redstart and Wryneck. Just as there are not many Estonians, there are only few of these birds left, and just as there are efforts needed for our small nation to persist, measures need to be taken to help the Redstart and Wryneck to abide. 

Estonians and friends of Estonians donated 100 birdhouses and in cooperation with Birdlife these houses were hung up in the regions of Biel-Benken and Magadino. Two areas where there are still some Redstarts and Wrynecks living. Biologists of “Birdlife” will make sure that the new birdhouses are in places that are safe – away from strollers and raptors that could in any way threaten the nests. “Birdlife” will also maintain and control the birdhouses and, if possible, let us know which ones the birds have chosen for breeding.

On March 17th, the 'housewarming' party took place in Biel-Benken. Birdlife guided us through some fields, informed guests about these two birdspieces and one nestbox was hung up together. Despite rain and snow, 40 guests followed the tour with great enthusiasm and got later treated by farmer Matthias Kleiber in the warm cellar with warm apfelmost

Swiss Estonian Association thanks all donators who helped to make this meaningful project happen. Special thanks to Estonian IT firm Uptime, who supported this project with the aim of protecting Estonians and Estonian culture also abroad. 

Further thanks go to: 

Main sponsor: Eero Tohver , CEO of Uptime
Photo &  video: Ave-Lii Idavain. 
Press realease translation into German, text for all flyers in three languages: Rea Sturzenegger
Birdhouse carpenter: Peeter Tarmet
Donator nametag production and organisation, flyer design and print: Kristi Leibur-Nagel
Reception cake : Annika Keller
Birdlife recommendation: Lena Escher-Senn
Birdhouses transportation to Magadino (TI): Honorary Consul in Geneva, Matteo Inaudi
Birdlife team: Raffael Ayé. Lukas Merkelbach, and local farmers Matthias Kleiber in Biel-Benken and Eric Vimercati in Magadino.
Press and media support: ERR - Terevisioon, Rõuge community, Pro Baltikum, Postimees, Birdlife Schweiz ja Eesti Ornitoloogiaühing

Photo gallery you will find here

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on this project.

Swiss Estonian Association
19. March 2018

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