65 years of Swiss Estonian Association

65 years Swiss Estonian Association - Event in Lucerne

Swiss Estonian Association was celebrating its 65th anniversary in Lucerne on December 8th, 2018. The 101st birdhouse was placed by farmer Hans Wey and Birdlife representative Brigitte Ammann in Kastanienbaum - the birth place of our association.
The founder of Association Mr Wladimir Kukk was association's president for 20 years. Her daughter Maret took part of the event yesterday and shared some family photos of her parents Helmi and Wladimir before and after WorldWarII. She shared the story of her family and how they were able to escape the Russian deportation and finally find a new home in Switzerland.
Lucerne Newspaper published a story about this event.
Here you will find also association's press releases in Estonian and German.

The founding meeting took place in Hotel Continental in Lucerne. The parents of Ruth Pedrazzetti were hosting Estonians back then. Now, her son is managing the hotel. It was wonderful to learn that the same family is still around in the hotel business and Mrs Pedrazzetti welcomed us in current Hotel Parc Continental and guided us to the old building where a different hotel is leaded today. Association's former and current management board members were part of the history pieces that were called to life in Lucerne.
We thank all our sponsors who have supported the Estonia 100 birdhouse project, Birdlife organisation and their farmers, Swiss Estonians and friend of Estonia. Thanks to you all our Association is live today more than ever! Long live Estonia and Swiss Estonians!
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