Estonia in SWITZERS project

Soon 99 years Alexandra Melin will represent Estonia in SWITZERS project
Few months ago SES distributed the request of models for SWITZERS project. Alexandra Melin

who will be 99 years old in November, got chosen from many candidates, to represent Estonia.
Alexandra is not only older than Estonian Republic itself but she is a tough lady who managed the photo-shooting related hassle with ease, despite her high age. Many thanks for the full support of her daughter, Maret Retti. 
Starting from Zurich main station up to Europaalle, all 195 portraits and 35 quotes of photographed people are exhibited until September 6th. From January 2016 on, the portraits will start the National Walk, by visiting other cities of Switzerland. The solar panel feature will make portraits viewable also in the night time. More:

When you find Alexandra, please send the photo to SES, to inform about her current location! We will follow the journey of her portrait in Swiss Estonian Association Facebook portal. 

(Alexandra is on the 2nd photo from the left)

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