Estonian Culture Society Berne and first movie night

A wonderful event took place in Berne yesterday. Freshly established Estonian Culutre Society launched their first culture event in Berne, which was "Tashi Delek!" movie by Estonian brothers Peeter and Priit Rebane.

In order to offer more diversity to Swiss Estonian Association calendar an bring cultural events closer to people in Berne, Estonian Culture Society in Bern (Estnischer Kulturverein in Bern) was founded by Kaili Juppets an Kaja Haukanõmm in April 2016, who say that: "Our experience has been that that to visit the events of the Swiss Estonian Association or concerts of Estonian musicians who are performing in Switzerland the Estonians who live in and around Bern often have to take a long journey to other cities in Switzerland. The aim of our local Culture Society is to bring examples of Estonian culture a little bit closer and also celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonia in 2018".

The kick-off event took place at CinĂ©matte cinema-restaurant yesterday. We spent a lovely evening having a private screening of the documentary "Tashi Delek!" directed by Peeter Rebane followed by a very informative discussion with the director himself, the producer Priit Rebane and the author of the soundtrack Eduardo Agni. We enjoyed the performance of the Brazilian born innovative guitarist Eduardo Agni.

Documentary is about Tashi, a 17 year old teenager who loves to play football and basketball, have fun with his friends and listen to pop music. He is also a monk studying at Pema Tsal Sakya Buddhist Monastery, sent there by his parents at the age of 6. Soon, Tashi faces the most important decision in his life. We followed Tashi on his long journey home through the Himalayas to visit his father, witnessing the present day life and customs of one of the best preserved traditional Tibetan communities in the world.

The discussions with Peeter and Priit Rebane and Eduardo Agni were very alive.
Private screening evening was planned and executed in cosy and beautiful manner.

Organisers were pleased with the outcome: "The feedback from both local Estonians as well as the very international audience was extremely positive, which is surely encouraging. What next, time will tell. We are taking one step at a time".
Images of the event you will find here.

Swiss Estonian Association is proud of this cultural addition and wishes good luck with future events!
Thank you for having us in Berne,

Mirjam Loertscher
President of Swiss Estonian Association
April 17th, 2016, Berne

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