SEA's Christmas party 2019

On Saturday, 30. November, the Swiss Estonian Association's Christmas Party took place at GZ Loogarten, Zürich.

After greeting friends, which was accompanied by a nice aperitif, and following the welcome speech, the participants rushed to the delicious buffee table. Estonian chefs prepared a true Christmas dinner - roasted pork, blood sausages and sauerkraut. The hall was filled with Christmas music after Carine Jessica Kostla stepped with the band on the stage. The talented singer, together with Liis-Marii and Mathei, entertained the audience with beautiful songs and some people filled the floor with dancing. A special program for kids was organized by the Mänguring and Santa Claus came to visit. Children had prepared gift redemptions, which were offered in the form of a poem, song or other performance. Homemade gingerbread and Kalev chocolate were offered. The evening ended with the musicians' last set and with the true Christmas feeling, a delicious dessert was enjoyed.

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