Curly Strings' concert in Heiden

On Sunday, 24. November, Estonian band Curly Strings performed at Linde Heiden Hotel & Restaurant in Switzerland.

The concert was organized by Linde Heiden, which owners are true Estonian fans because their son studied at the University of Tartu for six months years ago. Despite that years have passed, they still remember Estonian words and even some sentences.
The concert was preceded by a presentation about Estonia and by a dinner with Estonian dishes. The presentation was led by Kristi Jõeleht-Nastaj, President of the Swiss Estonian Association, who spoke about Estonian culture and nature, Tallinn's beautiful Old Town and about the world-famous Song Festival. The audience was lively and some people among them had visited Estonia before.
The dinner menu included a milk-soup, the main course was pork with sauerkraut and for a dessert one could enjoy a curd cake. Estonian black bread wasn't missing either.

The highlight of the evening was a fantastic concert by Curly Strings. The hall was full of people, including some Estonians who had come to listen their homeland's music group in Switzerland. Great singing with wonderful band members made the evening a memorable one and all the participants really enjoyed it. After the concert, one could buy Curly Strings' album with their autograph and talk few words with the band. It was a cozy autumn evening, just like at home in Estonia.

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