Estonian youth and kids playgroup started season 15/16

 Estonian Playgroup started new season last Sunday, with a hike to Zurich K√§ferberg.

Three groups had different programmes: Youngest ones had a little walk and spent their time on playground, middle group discovered items in forest that you are not supposed to find there - Enel had very well prepared this "treasure hunt" - which' aim was to introduce environmental issues.

The youth group had fantastic opportunity to learn photography. Helen Ree was teaching how to use cameras, natural and flash light and how to capture images.  The results were very impressive.

Playgroup is also welcoming people who would like to teach or lecture about something new to our kids. It could be an hour presentation or story telling or activity - just to spice up the programme and help volunteer teachers.

Big thanks to playgroup team and thanks for parents who make the effort to bring their kids from far and near.

Happy new School Season!

/M. Loertscher, 1.9.2015/

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