Kochen und Essen Estonia

Rea Sturzenegger and Anu Elmer led an Estonian cooking event as Chefs in Alte Kaserne during the sunny April Sunday Afternoon

Estonia 100 in Switzerland - on the 8th of April 2018
Today a Estonian food cooking event, that was organised by Winterthur city, took place in Alte Kaserne. Rea Sturzenegger and Anu Elmer were two Chefs who guided 10 hobby cooks how to cook Estonian food. In the evening the broader audience was invited to enjoy the delicious dinner they had prepared. It was a wonderful evening full of extraordinary culinary details from Estonia, spiced with stories about our food traditions, bit of language learning and lots of fun! Thank you Rea and Anu for your great effort to make this event such a success!
Long live Estonia!

See the photogallery on association's facebook page

M. Loertscher / 8.4.2018 Winterthur

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