Pro Baltikum celebrated the 25th anniversary of Baltic States' regained independency

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 Pro Balticum hosted an event in Bern Rathaus in order to celebrate regained freedom of Baltic States 25 years ago

The event was opened by Ständerat and President of Pro Baltikum - Werner Luginbühl, followed by guest speaker Prof. Urs Altermatt.
Latvian Parliament was represented by Solvita Aboltina and Lithuanian parliament by Prof. Kestutis Masiulis, both of them refreshed the memories of how the independence was gained in 1991. One of the founders of Pro Baltikum and Honorary Consul of Estonia  - Hans Graf - pointed out that although Switzerland never acknowledged Baltic countries as part of Soviet Union, it was one of the first countries to acknowledge Baltic States Independence in 1991 within 24 hours after independence was regained again.

The event in Bern Rathaus was filled with music by International Musicfriends of Estonia (I.M.E. Choir), conducted by Jane Tiik.

Thank you all who participated,
Thank you for the great host - Pro Baltikum.

Images of the event you will find here.

Mirjam Loertscher
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