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St John's Day 2020

St. John's day 2020 in Güttingen, Basel and in Cademarios

This year we celebrated St. John’s Day on 27th June in different places in Switzerland and in smaller groups due to corona virus. Estonians came together in Güttingen by Lake Constance, in Basel by Rhein and in Cademario in a private garden. There were almost 45 Estonians in three corners of Switzerland. Although only three Estonians gathered in Basel, they still created a great St. John’s fever and also sang a song accompanied by a guitar and blue-black-white balloons flew over their heads.

On St. John’s Day we had good food, a great mood, a beautiful weather, a short rainy moment, St. John’s songs and children laughter. Almost a warm bread made of vice-president’s leaven made us feel happy and classical schaschlik in Thurgau apple marinade filled our stomach. Also Estonian beer on our table. We had a great quiz, which gave information about future events and funny facts about St. John’s Day. An amusing culmination to the quiz was a task to create an animal of paper figures. Children had to guess, what animal is on a paper. A lot of fun.

We are looking forward to the next event, in order to bring Swiss Estonian big family together from different corners of Switzerland. Until then: Enjoy your summer!

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